5 Reasons to Have a Cap and Gown Session

Hello, graduating senior, CONGRATULATIONS!!! The time has finally come for you to graduate, and it's such an exciting time! One thing that you can do to celebrate this amazing achievement is to have a cap and gown photo session, and here are just 5 reasons why you should 100% do one.


1. Fun with your friends

Having a cap and gown session is such a fun way to have a last senior experience with you and your friends! Bring a friend (or several) and it will always be a good time, and a lasting memory you can share and document from your senior year.

2. Family photo opportunity

A cap and gown session is the perfect time to squeeze in a few family photos! I know from personal experience, it can be a challenge to get a photo with your family on your actual graduation day, so bringing them along for your session is the perfect time to do so.

3. Share your college decision

This is also a great time to get some pictures to let people know where you're headed next! So feel free to sport your college gear during part of your session!

4. Update the gram

I think I speak for everyone when I say that it doesn't hurt to have some fresh photos to post on Instagram. And I am more than happy to ditch the cap and gown for a few and just take some photos just for the fun of it!

5. To celebrate YOU and your accomplishments!

Graduation is such an important time in your life (both high school AND college) and it should be remembered! Cap and gown sessions are a great way to celebrate, especially with the world the way it is, you may not be celebrating the way that you always intended. Also, if you're a college grad, there are even fewer ways you generally celebrate, and it's an even BIGGER accomplishment that needs to be recognized!!


Those are only a few reasons why I think cap and gown sessions are important and I think that you should have one! Whether you're a previous senior of mine or not, inquire about setting up a cap and gown session today!